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Many people from around the world have helped build the Web Temple for the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY).  We express our gratitude to all who have contributed translations, technical support, articles and photographs or who have simply taken the trouble to offer their suggestions and comments.  To all, many thanks.

Guardian of the North


Fa Jue

Fa Jue Shihan Fa Jue, a martial arts' master, directs a dojo in Visalia, Central California. He has contributed essays and instruction in the Martial Arts for ZBOHY.

Fa Tian

Fa Tian, an avid windsurfer, lectures on Zen to private groups and is a contributor to our essay pages.


Wolfgang I Waas Wu-pieh-an has translated several of Hsu Yun's poems into German. He is moderator of the Zen Platform, maintains a mailing-list for German-speaking subscribers, and organizes Chan Mountain Retreats in the Austrian Alps.


Many people have contributed translations and commentaries to the ZBOHY web site who wish to remain anonymous.

Tai Ji Quan Video

ZBOHY would like to express special gratitude to several sangha members who made this presentation possible: Chuan Sheng Shakya for performing the routine; Fa Chuan (April Liu) for viodeotaping it; Chuan Chao Shakya for serving as project coordinator and developing the captions; and above all, Upasaka Yao Xin for all his technical work in digitizing the video. This project has truly been a labor of love and teamwork.

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