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Ven. Grandmaster Fo Yuen

Master Fo Yuen

Grand Master Fo Yuen and other photos by Upasaka Fa Xian


Ven. Grandmaster Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud)

Master Hsu Yun

Photographs of Hsu Yun, also known as Xu Yun or Empty Cloud.


Dan Xia Shan

Photographs by Yao Xin

Photographs of Yun Men, Nan Hua and Dan Xia Shan monasteries in Southern China. Also includes photographs from the Guang Zhou Art Museum.


Hong Fa Temple, Shen Zhen, South China

Hong Fa Temple

with photographs from the 1998 Ordination Ceremony. Shen Zhen, Guang Dong Province, China.


Rev. Yin Shan Shakya (2004)

Master Fa Hui at Fan Yun temple with Rev. Yin Shan Shakya, OHY

Ven. Master Jy Din Shakya

Spiritual Heads and Clerical Members of ZBOHY

On November 8, l997, The Venerable Jy Din Shakya officiated at the creation of a new order of Zen Buddhist priests dedicated to disseminating the teachings and poetry of the famed Chinese Zen Master, Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud). View photograps of the ZBOHY clergy and Spiritual Heads of the Order.


Dan Xia Shan

Photo Tour

of Dan Xia Shan (Red Glow Mountain) and other area temples and sceneries.


Hsu Yun temple

Hsu Yun Temple


Grand Master Ben Huan

Ven. Grandmaster Ben Huan

Abbot of Hong Fa Temple in Shen Zhen, South China.

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