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Hong Fa Temple, Shen Zhen, China

Hong Fa Si  

Honf Fa Temple, located in Shen Zhen, uth China's newest city. Hong Fa Temple is one the most modern and popular Chan Buddhist Temples in China.
Master Jy Din Shakya
Grandmaster Jy Din Shakya, Master Hsu Yun's Dharma heir and Abbot of Hsu Yun Temple in Honolulu, home base for our Web Temple.
Master Ben Huan Shakya
Grandmaster Ben Huan Shakya, Abbot of Hong Fa Si and disciple of Master Hsu Yun.
Master Sou Zi Shakya
Grandmaster Sou Ye Shakya, Abbot of Ming Kwang Temple, Chinatown, New York City

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