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 » Grand Master Fo Yuen and other photos by Upasaka Fa Xian
Master Fo Yuen, Abbot of Yun Men (Ummon) monastery,
with his disciple Ming Zhen (Mrs. Yuen Zhen Wang - left) and
Shih Yuan Shan (right) in the library of Yun Men Monastery.

The Temple of Hui Neng at Nan Hua
Dan Xia Shan, or Red Glow Mountaion, is home to
Bei Chuan Si (hidden monastery), founded in 900AD.
In the valley flows the Jin or Zhen (Pearl) river.

Pagoda outside of Shen Zhen,
China's sister city to Hong Kong

Hong Fa temple in Shen Zhen

The countryside of Shen Zhen

Sunset in the Shen Zhen countryside

Waterfall at Yun Men temple
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