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Poems by Fa Ming

Don't strive after anything.
Don't seek to attain.
The True Mind is there already.
By letting go, relinquish the need to make

When separations vanish
Buddha-nature is known directly.
Just give up the need for anything.
Needs are attachments
And attachments bring separation.
Let go of all that!

No need to formulate opinions --
That's just the ego chattering away,
creating its own existence.
Opinions stop us from realizing
The Whole.
Hey, wake up! I AM the Whole!

Make progress
Or in an instant!
The journey is the path.
With patience and faith all will come.

Just let go ...

Nothing to gain,
Everything to lose.
One is now all,
who is there to choose?
Treading the path of no-path,
opening the gates of no-gates.
Neither separate, nor whole,
yet, One and still the same.
The same, yet different,
can you comprehend
what I mean when I say:
'the vastness of the universe
can be held in my hand.'

Last modified: July 11, 2004
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