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Images and Reflections IV: Painted Windows

Photograph by Yao Xiang

( Painting on the side of a building in Mt. Shasta by Tom O'Hara )
    Painted Windows
    I lived in a house
    with two real windows and the other two painted on.
    Those painted windows caused my first sorrow.
    I'd touch the sides of the hall
    trying to reach the windows from inside.
    I spent my whole childhood wanting
    to lean out and see what could be seen
    from the windows that weren't there.
            - Gloria Fuertes (of Madrid)
    Ventanas Pentadas
    Vivía en una casa
    con dos ventanas de verdad y las otras dos pintadas
            en la fachada.
    Aquellas ventanas pintadas fueron mi primer dolor.
    Palpaba las paredes del pasillo,
    intentando encontrar las ventanas por dentro.
    Toda mi infancia pasé con el deseo
    de asomarme para ver lo que se veía
    desde aquellas ventanas que no existieron.
            - Gloria Fuertes (de Madrid)
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Last modified: July 11, 2004
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