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Ming Zhen Shakya

Dharma Talks by Ming Zhen Shakya
Formerly known as Chuan Yuan Shakya

Presented in 2004

Presented June 8, 2004

Commentary on Wayman's
Yoga of the Guhyasamajatantra

Presented April 30, 2004

A Zen Buddhist Looks at Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ
Presented March 13, 2004

Master Jy Din - A Tiny Remembrance
Presented January 7, 2004

Presented in 2003

Exhibitionist Politics
Presented December 20, 2003

A Religion Called Zen Buddhism
Presented August 22, 2003

Life After Death and Other Inconveniences
Presented July 20, 2003

Ulterior Defenses
Presented March 29, 2003

Thoughts on the War
Presented February 18, 2003

On Zenmar's Presentation of
The Sutta on Antecedentness by Breath

Presented Sept. 30, 2003

Gay Marriage
Presented Aug 16, 2003

Holier Than Anybody
Presented May 25, 2003

Tale of Two Cities
Presented April 22, 2003

Presented in 2002

Collective Dangers
Presented December 22, 2002

The Fail-Safe Solution
Presented October 09, 2002

Selling Pain & Silence in the Golden Age of Torts
Presented August 22, 2002

Sexism and Pedophile Priests
Presented April 2, 2002

Sweet Charity
Presented March 8, 2002

Socrates Teaches Zen to Phaedrus
Presented January 26, 2002

Living out a Fantasy
Presented July 23, 2002

Giving and Receiving
Presented June 12, 2002

Presented May 10, 2002

Presented in 2001

Presented November 30, 2001

Alchemical Detachment and Integration

Diane's War In Afghanistan
Presented December 8, 2001

Violating Trust
Presented September 30, 2001

Death and Life
Presented August 23, 2001

Presented July 14, 2001

Presented in 2000

"Lift me to Paradise" Revisited
Presented December 30, 2000

The Middle Way
Presented October, 2000
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Karma Yoga: Zen for the Discontented Worker
» Part I      » Part II     » Part III

Presented July, August, 2000

Zen Abuses
Presented June, 2000

Cults And Not Quitting Your Day Job
Presented May, 2000

Essence and Expectations
Presented December 30, 2000

Petty Atrocities
Presented November 30, 2000

Sound Versus Sight
Presented April, 2000

Zen, Justice, and the Martial Arts
» Part I      » Part II

Presented March, 2000

Presented in 1999

The Importance of Being Wanted
Presented October, 1999

Sex, Semantics, and Chauvinism
Presented September, 1999

The Habit of Seeking Truth
Presented August, 1999

Zen For Profit
Presented February, 1999

Telephone Atrocities and Other Crimes Against Nature
Presented March, 1999

The Lex Talionis and Desire
Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3

Presented April, 1999

Presented in 1998

Presented December, 1998
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The Diamond and Heart Sutras
Presented June, 1998

Ruminations on Zen's Cows
Series presented December '97 - April '98

Talk given to the Nan Hua Zen Buddhist Society
Presented August, 1998

Shooting Yourself in the Foot
Presented June, 1998

Heisenberg, Zen, and the Images of Death
Presented June, 1998

Presented in 1997

Barnaby the Juggler
Presented November, 1997

Anita O'Day's Buddhist Prayer Book
Presented August, 1997

Dharma & Karma
Presented May, 1997

"Righteous" Venom
Presented April, 1997

Kudzu, Black Pearls, and Dangerous Beliefs
Presented March, 1997

Presented in 1996

Presented December, 1996

Heaven & Hell
Presented November, 1996

The Right Stuff
Presented September, 1996

Zen and Money
Presented August, 1996

The White Birds
Presented July, 1996

Zen and the Martial Arts
Series presented in the Fall of 1996

Lunar Communion . . .
Presented November, 1996

What is Zen?
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Presented May, 1996

Two Minds In Harmony
Presented May, 1996
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I've Come To See the Pigeons Ride
Presented April, 1996

Ming Zhen Shakya Reverend Ming Zhen Shakya, as the first American to be ordained in Mainland China in over a quarter century of communist rule, was given unprecedented access to the holy relics and artifacts at Nan Hua Si. She is shown here wearing the black onyx beads which were worn by the Sixth Patriarch, Hui Neng. These and other items worn and used by Hui Neng are stored at Nan Hua Si.

Awards and Recognitions

Ming Zhen Shakya is a grateful recipient of the Zen Unbound award in 1999 for "the best Zen Buddhist writer on the Web".

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