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Ruminations on Zen's Cows

Ruminations on Zen's Cows

by Ming Zhen Shakya

A twelve-part series of connecting essays on the Oxherding pictures of Zen and their relationship to the Corrida


Guest Essays and Articles

In an effort to promote more constructive communication between various Buddhist leaders from around the world, ZBOHY is pleased to present essays written by persons in authority from other Buddhist Paths. Our recent offering by Zenmar generated much favorable comment and encouraged us to facilitate this exchange of information.

Practicing the Ten Benevolences:
The Goal of Buddhist Behavior

by the Spiritual Head of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun


Lohan from Nan Hua Si

The Autobiography of Master Han Shan

Translated by Upasaka Richard Cheung and paraphrased by Ming Zhen Shakya

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Commentaries on Sutras, Shastras, and Essays

Masters of Maya
A commentary by Fa Shen on Ming Zhen Shakya's "Heisenberg, Zen, and the Images of Death."

Beyond Scientific Truth
A commentary by Fa Tien on Ming Zhen Shakya's "Shooting Yourself in the Foot: Sagan, Asimov, and Michio Kaku."


Kannon (Guan Yin)  

The Seventh World of Chan Buddhism

by Ming Zhen Shakya

A guide to the history and
practice of Chan Buddhism

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Modest Proposals

Rev. Yin Din Shakya essays and commentaries by Rev. Yin Din Shakya

Essays from our Readers and Sangha

Chan-shih Tai Yuan’s Dung
by Zenmar

The Box
a surreal essay by Shihan Fa Jue

Zen and the art of Windsurfing
by Shihan Fa Jue

Free Expense
by Fa Tien


Staying Sober

Interactive, confidential Dharma talks with Chuan Pu Shakya and others

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