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The Autobiography and Maxims


Master Han Shan

Translated by
Upasaka Richard Cheung
and paraphrased by
Rev. Ming Zhen Shakya,OHY
(Formerly Chuan Yuan Shakya)

A publication made possible for this Website by

Chuan Yi Shakya
and by
Chuan Yin Shakya

Lohan carved from wood that resides at Nan Hua Si, founded in 675 AD by Hui Neng, the sixth and last patriarch of Zen. The Monastery was extensively renovated during the abbacy of Master Han Shan in the sixteenth century.

Table of Contents

1546-56 My First Years
1556-66 Becoming a Monk
1566-76 Meeting Miao Feng
1576-86 Samadhi
1586-96 One Bright True Mind
1596-06 "Purify Your Mind"
1606-16 The Court
1616-22 Song of the Placard Carrier
1623 The Last Year
Maxims of Master Han Shan

Last modified: November 26, 2004
This work courtesy of Grandmaster Jy Din Shakya
Published by the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun, 1998